Wolves of the Prairie

Day 1

Characters meet at the bricktown brewery meeting under the pretense of investigating the increase of Pentex interest of drilling oil in Oklahoma. They are told by Tom Blackfeather that the local kinfolk have been gone missing and showing up dead / raped.

They were told by a corax that a kinfolk trailer park, near riverwind, got attacked. Investigation of the scene by John Goodman/Walks In Shadow produced giant tire tracks heading west. Found a girl that was raped, tried to help her. Moved her to John Goodman/Walks In Shadow‘s truck. Meanwhile Aiyana Sings with Spirits sidestepped into the umbra and battled minor bane spirits, then tried to cleanse the area. During which the corax returned, informing her that the bodies saw a monster truck school bus arrive with the attackers. After sidestepping back, Aiyana Sings with Spirits joined the rest in the truck. Decided to split up with Memphis tracking the tires tracks while the rest took the survivor to the Norman Hospital. The survivor related that a ’lizard man’ raped her. On the way Aiyana Sings with Spirits performed the rite of cleansing on the survivor causing a black ooze to tear itself free from her uterus. Aiyana Sings with Spirits burned the ooze but unfortunately the damage caused the survivor to go into shock. Meanwhile Memphis found the attacker’s milita camp and found a heavily armed force. He also saw them load the women into something that looks like a storm shelter.

Arriving at the hospital, Aiyana dropped her off at the E.R. saying that the survivor was a rape victim. They decided to have John Goodman/Walks In Shadow steal medicinal supplies from a neglected ambulance near by. While they waiting for the caper to finish, cops arrive at the hospital to take the survivor’s account. With the ER Doctors’s description of the truck and woman, begin looking for it and find it slowly circling the parking lot. Aiyana Sings with Spirits immediately sidesteps once the truck is pulled over.

Due to GwynnBleidd “Hands Of Dust” Skallagrim’s suspicious answer and apparant criminal record in Norway. They cops attempted to arrest him.
Long story short, 1 foot chase, one shootout with an escapee in a truck resulted in a trash vet office and the pack on the lamb.

The pack is now being blamed for the “Riverwind Massacre” and now hunted by authorites..


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